Associate Members Committee


Mission: To represent and promote the interests of all Associate members.

Associate Member’s Pledge:

  • To provide the highest quality supplies, materials, machinery and equipment
  • To invest in research and development to advance technology
  • To be responsive to the needs of CLMA membership
  • To honor our respective warranties and service policies
  • To provide quality and timely response to questions, service and problems
  • And to support the mission statement of the CLMA.


  • To solicit Associate members’ viewpoints on various issues concerning them.
  • To represent members to the Convention Committee on issues concerning the exhibition hall at the annual meeting.

Awards Committee

Chair Daren Nygren
Past Presidents:  Jan Svochak, Al Vaske

Mission: To prepare slate biannually for the Dr. Josef Dallos Award recipient to be voted on by the Board of Directors. Request nominations and determine awards for the CLMA annual meeting.

Convention Committee


Mission: To propose future meeting sites and oversee aspects of the annual convention other than the program. A profit in non-dues revenue is to be gained from the convention.


  • Recommends annual meeting sites to the Board of Directors, encompassing geographical area, cities, room rates and dates.
  • Performs, manages and oversees all aspects of the annual meeting, except for the program, including but not limited to: registration fees, meeting materials, social events, business meetings, entertainment, sponsorship, exhibition hall requirements and logistics, photography, promotion and awards ceremony. The Convention Committee Chair works closely with the Awards Chair and the Program Chair to manage, coordinate and integrate the awards ceremony and the program smoothly into the annual convention itself.

Government Affairs Committee

Chair: Daniel Bell, Acuity Polymers, Inc.

Mission: To apprise the membership of FDA and governmental legislation concerning the contact lens industry and represent the Association in the area of congressional and legislative activity.


  • To furnish the FDA with technical advice.
  • To represent the Association in the area of congressional and legislative activity.
  • To keep the membership informed of all subjects and matters relative to the committee’s activities and follow-through actions.

GP Lens Committee

Chair: George Mera, TruForm Optics, Inc.


Daniel Bell, Acuity Polymers, Inc.
Martin Dalsing, Contamac Ltd.
Mike Woodford, InnoVision, Inc.
Mark Allen, Lagado Corporation
Kurtis Brown, Menicon America, Inc.
Tom Seidner, The LifeStyle Company
Chuck Siegel, Stellar Contact Lens Co.
+ 3 CLMA representatives from the Regular Membership classification of which one representative will be appointed Chair of this committee by the President of the CLMA (2018 – George Mera, TruForm Optics, Inc. (Chair), Cindy Belliveau, Visionary, Inc., Mike Johnson, Art Optical Contact Lens Co.)

Associate: Edward S. Bennett, OD, MSEd, FAAO, FSLS
Executive Director, GP Lens Institute

Mission: To represent and promote the interests of all GP lens manufacturers.


  • To make available to members printed materials and other educational resources, and online modules residing on targeted to practitioners and consumers on GP lenses.
  • To work with the GP Lens Committee members to develop the budget and agenda for the GP Lens Institute. Appoint Executive Director who develops and executes GP lens education and fitting programs through various methods.
  • GPLI to utilize the administrative office for planned activities and assistance.

Internal Affairs/Finance Committee/IT Department

Chair: Chris Pantle, DAC International, Inc.

Mission: To oversee the financial stability of the Association’s funds and Ethics Code issues.


  • To respond to any and all questions of Ethics Code.
  • To canvass membership periodically for opinions on the Association’s activities and benefits of the organization.
  • To chair the Budget Committee and work with the Administrative Director to prepare the annual draft budget. Approval of the draft budget is to be sought by the Board of Directors and the Regular and Associate membership at the time of the annual convention.
  • To review and recommend to the Board of Directors job descriptions and policies of the Association staff.
  • Chairman officially becomes one of two purchase order signers, and will review and approve monies requested for payment according to budget and Board-approved activities.

International Committee


Mission: To represent and promote the interests of all International members.


  • To solicit International members’ viewpoints on various issues concerning them and represent their interests.
  • To continuously look for benefits of membership.
  • To liaison with international organizations on behalf of the Association to open communication.

Member Services Committee

Chair: Derrell James, XCel Specialty Contacts

Mission: To communicate to the membership the activities of the Association and provide benefits for member companies through the Association.


  • To provide group discounts for business services.
  • To maintain Association web site and provide current membership activity information.
  • Publish the current year CLMA Membership Directory. A profit in non-dues revenue is to be gained from the publication.
  • Create benefits for member companies in the form of business education.

Membership Committee

Chair: Derrell James, XCel Specialty Contacts

Mission: To retain membership and actively promote membership expansion.


  • To actively promote membership expansion and open communication with non-member companies.
  • To maintain a current membership list and provide an annual membership directory for the membership.
  • To maintain a current listing of prospective members.
  • To review membership applications and submit to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • To recommend membership dues changes to the Board of Directors.

Nominating Committee

Chair:  Daren Nygren
Past Presidents:  Jan Svochak, Al Vaske

Mission: Select volunteers for the officer and board slate each year to be voted on by the Regular and Associate members at the annual business meeting in the fall.

Duties: Work with two (2) other recent Past Presidents to develop a candidate list for the annual board election.

Program Committee


Mission: To develop the program agenda for the convention, including the theme, meeting sessions and speakers.


  • To develop a meaningful theme and topics for general sessions and workshops for the annual meeting. Speakers engaged within budget.
  • To work with Convention Committee on time allocation issues, coordination of theme and meeting requirements.

Public and Professional Information Committee


Mission: To provide information to the general public and eye care professionals about custom made contact lenses, Association activities and approved membership information.


  • This committee is charged with the release of all information about the Association required by the trade press, consumers, and eye care practitioners.
  • To interface with the GP Lens Institute.
  • To provide general and current information on custom made lenses to the public.

Technical Affairs Committee

Chair: Troy Miller, AccuLens, Inc.

Representation at 2019 ANSI, ISO meetings: Martin Dalsing, Contamac, Inc.

Mission: To uphold all ANSI requirements and develop liaisons and programs that benefit, inform and represent CLMA members and the contact lens industry.


  • To develop and issue revisions to industry standards and testing specifications.
  • To coordinate liaison with ANSI, FDA and other outside standards setting groups.
  • To supply members with technical information of a non-proprietary nature regarding manufacturing procedures, equipment and materials.
  • To oversee certification program using third party source with blind testing conducted by Committee members if the Seal of Excellence program is to be run. This decision will be made by the CLMA Board of Directors.

If you have a question for any of the committees, have ideas to share or are interested in joining a committee, please contact the appropriate chairperson listed above, or contact the CLMA office directly.